Sound knotty pine is an ideal raw material for interior design

High density Northern wood

We are using Finnish sound knotty pine as a raw material for our products. This high-density raw material with small fresh knots from Northern renewable forests is sawn mainly from small diameter top logs.

Constant quality

The constant quality of raw material is based on carefully sorting and drying. The sorting happens at sawmills by the computer controlled camera system. Raw material is dried until 8 – 10 %.

Trustworthy partners

We have secured the supply of raw material by long-term agreements with big Finnish sawmills

Competitiveness based on efficient production

The production premises have the total of 5.000 m2
The modern production lines and skilled craftsmen guarantee the high quality of the products.
We use the following equipment:

  • 3 gluing lines in manufacturing of laminated boards
  • 2 lines in sanding and cutting of boards
  • Cnc-machine
  • Spray painting and roller lines in surface treatment